Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy birthday to me........

I havent posted a blog in awhile.... Which i know is not so good as far as having that goal of daily blogs and vlogs and things... However here i am at 6am on my birthday blogging. I lost 10lbs last week!!! Crazy! I am sure most of it was water weight but i seriously lost 10 lbs! I am 203.8...if i lost 4 lbs in this next week i wouls be ecstatic as i would be under 200 pounds!!!! Omg what a dream!!! I cannot remember the last time i was under 200. And i seriously cant wait!!! That alone will be my motivation this weekend to stick with my diet!!! I am on vacation and will be going out to eat frequently so i will just remind myself of that 4 pounds and eat right and exercise!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

not such a great start

I woke up this morning nauseated, and feeling like I should start my 90 day challenge.. I ended up getting "sick" 3 times, but I have still stuck with it so far. I had a shake for breakfast, I am about to have something for lunch unsure what yet, and I did 30 minutes of Tae Bo burning 450 cals, and a 30 minute brisk walk. I feel great knowing that I am sticking with something so important to me even though I am not feeling that great!  I will update later with todays totals (cals, cals burned etc.). THANKS FOR FOLLOWING!

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xoxoxo Michelle

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

90 Day Challenge.

Tomorrow (Dec 1) starts day 1 of my 90 day challenge. I have been planning this start date for a week.. and I must say that I have a fairly decent job of not "going crazy" eating as a pre-diet last time I can eat what I want binge...I have been exercising and eating fairly healthy. Now, my plan for the first 90 days of this extreme Michelle makeover....

My current weight is 213..(well this morning I weighed in at 212) and at the end of 90 days the average American will lose about 30lbs...putting me at 183. However I have never been "the average american" so.. my goal for the first 90 days is to be at 175.  I know that this is an atainable goal, and I am ready to kick my own ass to accomplish it.

I will be doing Slim Fast shake meal replacement "diet" for now. I will continue this for the first 90 days, after that I will continue to exercise and eat healthy but try to maintain lower calorie intake etc to reach my ultimate goal by June 1 (140).

I will be doing daily vlogs for at least the first month of my weight loss journey (find me on youtube: michisgettingridofit) and I am also going to participated in (username: gettingridofitforever).

I should probably mention as well, that this has become my moto for this journey.. I am not losing weight, I am getting rid of it, I have no intention of finding it again... THIS IS SO TRUE. I will live by this...



Welcome the last day of the old Michelle

Welcome to the last day of me with extra weight. And the last day of the old Michelle... In the last month I have done some serious soul searching in large part due to some STUPID decisions I was making. Decisions that were hurting my family, hurting my husband, hurting my friendships, and mostly hurting me. I found that my extreme unhappiness (I suppose it could be called Depression) was the key cause to all of the stress, arguments etc. in my life. And it was time for a change. I quit my job (thankfully my husband is doing a great job supporting us, although it is a tight budget) and went away to were I could be alone for awhile... I went to visit my dad who I had not seen since April. I was there for about 3 weeks, and because he and his wife work, and my younger brother is in school, I was able to use those 3 weeks to rediscover myself. I have cut the negative from my life, any secrets kept that needed to be out in the open came out... and everything was on the table take it or leave it. I lost a dear friend through this experience which I know will continue to make me sad, however it is time to move on and grow up. I reconnected with my husband and was remembered why I have been with him for 6 years... I LOVE HIM. I know it doesn't seem like that should have been a revalation but it really was. The night before I left we layed in our bed together talking and then just laughing together. I had an Ah-ha moment that night realizing how much I love this man. He is amazing. Everyone has flaws, so clearly he isn't perfect...but I am not either. I love him and we are working on a better stronger relationship... Okay enough blah blah background.. I decided that with this new life I have created for myself.. My postive outlook, drama free was time to change the way I live.  When my husband and I first got together I was about 140lbs. And I felt GREAT! As time progessed and things happened in my life, I gained, and gained and gained some more.. now 6 years later here I sit at 213lbs..which isnt even my heaviest weight...I don't recognize myself and I don't like the person I have become. I am motivated to change my lifestyle because it was easy to change the inside (of myself) and I feel great about it, and I know it wont be as easy to change the outside, but I know that I want this more than I want any other thing at this moment in my life. I know that when I reach my goal, that I will be a happier person all the way around... I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you!