Wednesday, November 30, 2011

90 Day Challenge.

Tomorrow (Dec 1) starts day 1 of my 90 day challenge. I have been planning this start date for a week.. and I must say that I have a fairly decent job of not "going crazy" eating as a pre-diet last time I can eat what I want binge...I have been exercising and eating fairly healthy. Now, my plan for the first 90 days of this extreme Michelle makeover....

My current weight is 213..(well this morning I weighed in at 212) and at the end of 90 days the average American will lose about 30lbs...putting me at 183. However I have never been "the average american" so.. my goal for the first 90 days is to be at 175.  I know that this is an atainable goal, and I am ready to kick my own ass to accomplish it.

I will be doing Slim Fast shake meal replacement "diet" for now. I will continue this for the first 90 days, after that I will continue to exercise and eat healthy but try to maintain lower calorie intake etc to reach my ultimate goal by June 1 (140).

I will be doing daily vlogs for at least the first month of my weight loss journey (find me on youtube: michisgettingridofit) and I am also going to participated in (username: gettingridofitforever).

I should probably mention as well, that this has become my moto for this journey.. I am not losing weight, I am getting rid of it, I have no intention of finding it again... THIS IS SO TRUE. I will live by this...



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