Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy birthday to me........

I havent posted a blog in awhile.... Which i know is not so good as far as having that goal of daily blogs and vlogs and things... However here i am at 6am on my birthday blogging. I lost 10lbs last week!!! Crazy! I am sure most of it was water weight but i seriously lost 10 lbs! I am 203.8...if i lost 4 lbs in this next week i wouls be ecstatic as i would be under 200 pounds!!!! Omg what a dream!!! I cannot remember the last time i was under 200. And i seriously cant wait!!! That alone will be my motivation this weekend to stick with my diet!!! I am on vacation and will be going out to eat frequently so i will just remind myself of that 4 pounds and eat right and exercise!!!

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